Jason and Kelly Jennings
Pitcher, Texas Rangers


Quality is a Mark Smith Homes hallmark.

You can tell the quality of a Mark Smith Custom Home just by walking around for a few minutes. Mark uses hardwoods, stone and other materials that will last and are the finest around. The whole effect is very homey, yet upscale and open. Some homes I’ve been in are museums, where you feel like you can’t touch the walls. But Mark’s residences are inviting, with plenty of one-of-a-kind details that have earned many compliments from our guests. Even behind the scenes, you can tell the Mark and his excellent craftsmen have gone above and beyond where quality is concerned. It has helped the value of our home appreciate.

Our home in Starwood is the second Mark Smith home for us; previously we lived at Chapel Creek. Both times we selected Mark because the homes he builds are unlike every other on the block, distinctive inside and out. Even after our home was built, we’ve had a continued friendship because Mark is so good with personal follow-up after the sale, truly caring about his homeowners and ultimately their satisfaction with his product.

Mark and Krista Goodman
Lawyer with David, Goodman & Madole


Mark Smith made our building process extremely smooth.

After previously building a home with another builder, I was surprised by how flexible and creative Mark Smith was as our home evolved. Whereas the other builder practically force-fed me to stick with our original plan, Mark was willing to work with us on any changes or ideas as we went along. Mark emphasized that the home should be built “the way you want it,” and if that meant talking to the carpenters or other subcontractors to change anything, that was fine. In fact, the subs also had creative ideas as the process went on…mixing paints a certain way, providing samples of different looks, and so on. I became good friends with Mark Smith during the building process and feel that his personal follow up after the sale is unparalleled in the industry.

Note: The Goodman home was featured in Plano Profile Magazine.

Dr. Mike McGuiness
Plano Dermatologist


We loved the prompt service before, during and long after the sale.

I’ve always been very satisfied with Mark’s attentiveness. He was constantly around during the entire building process and even years later, he is still more than willing to help us out with repairs and resources. For example, we had some maintenance work done beyond the warranty period and Mark ensured it was taken care of to our satisfaction. He knows all the best painters, cabinetmakers and other subcontractors. On some tasks, he’ll come do it himself. I would recommend Mark Smith and the homes he builds without hesitation.

Derek and Cathy Lancaster
President, Providence Property & Casualty

Everything was well thought-out in advance.

When it came to details, Mark Smith did a fantastic job of walking us through many options and listening to our preferences. Every little electrical cover, faucet choice, wood stain, down to the way lights turned on and off in the hallway—was shown and explained to us for approval. It was obvious he had put a lot of effort into making every detail work seamlessly, so nothing would need to be re-done later. Mark is an all-around good guy who stands behind his work and is there for us.

Donna Traylor
President and Realtor, The Traylor Group

You are dealing with Mark Smith-directly.

Many builders insist that you work through their superintendents, but everything is done directly with Mark Smith. It makes the decision-making process so much easier for homebuyers, whether it’s selecting granite for countertops or finding the best financing. Best of all, Mark Smith is a down-to-earth person and very trustworthy. In fact, in 18 years I have not heard anything but praise from his clients. I must add that Mark Smith builds some of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen, each with impeccable quality and detail. For all these reasons, Mark Smith is one of my preferred builders.

Cindy O’Gorman
Companywide Top Producer, Ebby Halliday Realtors

An all-around exceptional builder.

Those who choose to build with Mark Smith will not only be pleased, but will probably become repeat customers. I can’t say enough about the quality and uniqueness of his homes. Mark’s designs are excellent and you can observe the craftsmanship in every detail, from elegant crown moldings to exquisite cabinetry. Furthermore, Mark is very easy to work with. His thorough financial knowledge and continued customer follow-up also make the building process very pleasant.



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